SEVEN CASTLE Bowl-Tilting Cooking Mixer SC-420A

Durable gear-chain drive medium cooking mixer


SC-420A is a semi-automatic multi-function Cooking Mixers which can be used for making sauces, hand and soft sweets, pastes and fried food. The mixing arm is moveable and the bowl can be tilted to 90° manually so that the food in the bowl can come out very easy.


SC-420A is our medium size Cooking Mixer. There are some regular sizes can choose The double mixing speeds replace workers’ hands and make cooking processes efficient. In addition, the mixing scrapers can touch the bowl thoroughly avoids burning and make food pretty and tasty.


SC-420A Cooking Mixer can provide an easy solution for your handmade business and increase productivity.

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– Can be used for all kinds of sauces, sweets, pastes, filling, meat and so on.

– With CE certification.
– Suitable for laboratory innovation.
– Moveable mixing arm.
– The bowl can be tilted to 90° manually.
– Gear-driven mixing system.
– Easy operation with double mixing speeds.
– The mixing scrapers touch the bowl thoroughly avoids burning.
– The great heating system can save cost and shorten cooking time.
– Customized specification is possible.


Capacity 80L 150L 180L
Body Painted Type
SUS#304 Type
Heating Gas Steam
Bowl SUS#304 Single Layer Bowl SUS#304 Double Jacket Steam Bowl
SUS#304 Double Jacket Oil Bowl
Copper Bowl

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