About Us

        Chakawal Center Co., Ltd., an importer of bakery machinery and the main authorized distibutor of Sanneng profressional bakeware in thailand, as well as a full range of bakery consulting services with over 25 years of work experience enabling us to understand the business needs of our customers, including being able to Recommend and provide the best solutions to our customers.



Established Sakolphan Marketing Company Limited to import snooker tables. to be sold in department stores nationwide.


Import office equipment such as time recorders paper cutter typewriter for sale in Makro department stores In addition, the bidding for government and state enterprise procurement works was also made.


Changed the name to Chakawalphan Company Limited to take care of bakery machinery maintenance. Distributing bakery ovens to CP retail and marketing.
Later was appointed by IMI Cornelius U.S.A as a distributor. Frozen Carbonated Beverage : FCB, better known as “Slurpee”, beer equipment and postmix.


Expanding the business by dividing products into 5 categories, 1) Equipment in mini-marts and supermarkets, 2) Bakeware, 3) Utensils, 4) Office equipment and
5) Machinery in the food and bakery industry


Established Chakawal Center Company Limited to separate management and accounting systems. to be flexible with a new marketing approach in the category of Machinery in the food and bakery industry, Bakeware and Packaging including supporting the maintenance and maintenance of machines

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